Following defeat in Federal Court of its plans to expand training at the Piñon Canyon
Maneuver Site (PCMS), Colorado, the Pentagon and its contractors, have ignored court
orders, maintained plans for land expansion on the most threatened ecosystem on Earth,
conducted unprecedented destructive maneuvers at the site, and joined with the Air
Force to propose a massive expansion of military activity throughout the entire region
of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Neither acts of Congress nor the federal judiciary has
deterred the military from moving ahead with its plans.

In direct violation of the US District Court Order and in non-compliance with national
cultural and environmental protection laws, the Army proceeded with large-scale maneuvers
(code-named “Warhorse Rampage”) that resulted in severe losses of, and irreparable damage
to, important and unique cultural heritage, essential ecosystems and paleontological records.

At an estimated cost to taxpayers of $5 billion dollars, The Pentagon and its contractors also
announced plans to train a new Combat Aviation Brigade – 2800 soldiers, 3000 additional support personnel, 700 ground vehicles, 115 Apache, Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters, and Gray Eagles and other drones, and robotic weapon systems – at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. If not stopped, Combat Aviation Brigades will enable Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones and other robotic weapons) to maneuver from the ground up throughout the 6,000,000 acres.

The proposal is part of a plan to establish the largest Joint Forces Future Combat Systems
training site in the world by expanding Joint Forces Special Operations Command air space
across northern New Mexico and southern Colorado for robotic warfare development,
low altitude flights and testing of high-tech lethal weaponry.

The Pentagon and its private contractors are proceeding with plans to displace citizens
by condemning fragile public and private lands including the last intact shortgrass prairie
in all the American Great Plains while abusing national public disclosure, environmental
and cultural protection laws.